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Consultorios Kairos is a medical and dentistry center composed of professionals with wide experience on each specialty.


We started working on October 2013 in 2319 Alem St., center of "República de la Sexta" neighborhood in Rosario city, Santa Fe. 


Why Kairos?


Kairos is an ancient greek that means "adequate time, indicated and precise moment". Actually work, studies, everyday chores and responsabilities make time to be the most precious resource that a person needs to learn how to manage. 


Therefore, at "Consultorios Kairos" we look foward to give our patients an oportune solution in their health care, that may improve his/her quality of life to dedicate time to his/her personal development and family. 


You are invited to visit our webpage and contact us, if there is anything we may help you with. 

New phone number: 

482 1785

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